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Research and Action in the New South Africa


Study Abroad 

This program provides a unique international field research, internship/service-learning experience in South Africa. It enables students to immerse themselves in real life contexts where they will directly examine, explore and engage the 'African World' lived-experience in practice. The country provides a dynamic site for examining the intersections of race, identity and historical legacies that inform the country's current rapidly transformational political, cultural and economic structures. Open to undergrads and grads. Participants will engage with individuals and institutions in Pretoria, Johannesburg, and Soweto as well as participate in local cultural, social, and restorative justice initiatives. The mission of the program is to engage participants cross culturally, enhance their professional skills and knowledge to advance their careers, share their experiences in a variety of formats, and develop connections and partnerships between South Africa and participants' home countries in order to contribute to a reservoir of bilateral goodwill that will support African interests in the future.

Program Leader: Dr. Joy Coates, AAAS Academic Specialist