We insist that Black Studies uncovers and creates “technologies of living” for Black people and Black futures. And when we say Black people, we mean all Black people. And when we say Black futures, that is to say beyond survival into wellness.


AAAS at MSU is a Black Studies Department that embraces, without apology, Black feminisms, Black Gender Studies, and Black Sexuality Studies. Our mission is to provide an integrative education that engages conditions of Blackness locally and transnationally. We have three organizing inquiries that motivate and sustain our work: 1) Black Cultures and Institutions, 2) Black Girlhood Studies, and 3) Black Speculative Ecologies. We specialize in community and cultural works, cultivating radical imagination, and collective revolutionary knowledge production. As a unit we are committed to making concrete connections between our scholarship, pedagogy, and social justice.


  • We unapologetically center Blackness and Black feminism – each as plural, simultaneous, alive, and powerful – and each is critical to our work together 
  • We share a collective stake in the well-being of the whole 
  • We understand ourselves to be in community with a range of communities – departmental, institutional, local, regional, national, diasporic, and otherwise