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Michigan State University
African American and African Studies
Research Abroad


Research Opportunities

Graduate and Advanced Undergraduate Students will:

  1. Conduct self-designed research proposals for application in South African community-based settings, sites, and contexts (Pretoria, Johannesburg, and Soweto).
  2. Be trained in theoretical and applied Africana Studies research methods by Michigan State University and University of South Africa faculty and scholars.
  3. Conduct international, short-term observational or participatory field research in South Africa
  4. Develop ethnographic, archival, and cultural competency skills for cross-cultural research
  5. Be provided access to research institutes and institutions including libraries in South Africa
    1. Archie Mafeje Institute for Applied Social Policy Research,
    2. UNISA Library & Center for Pan African Language Cultural Development
    3. Mapungubwe Institute for Strategic Reflection, Johannesburg
    4. Apartheid Archives at the University of Pretoria