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Graduate and advanced undergraduate students will:

• examine a comprehensive body of literature and contextualize the readings in an intellectual and scholarly way.

• articulate the intersections of race, identity and historical legacies that inform the country's current rapidly transformational political, cultural and economic structures

• demonstrate skills in developing a generative line of inquiry emergent from both their own intellectual interests and the internship/service-learning and field research opportunities in country.

• complete a cumulative journal report/research paper focused on key issues facing South African communities.

The program includes academic lectures from MSU faculty/staff as well as by professors and community leaders from South Africa, which focus on the History of South Africa, Race & Cultural Identity, Women and Gender, and Research and Community outreach. It includes presentations on isiZulu culture and heritage that will enhance students' fieldwork and service learning experiences. Participants will engage with individuals and institutions in Pretoria, Johannesburg, and Soweto as well as participate in local cultural, social, and restorative justice initiatives.