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Degree Award Year Name Job Placement Institution
2009 Jackson, Austin Assistant Professor Michigan State University
2009 Jeffries. Bayyinah Assistant Professor California State University - Northridge
2009 Robinson, Jeffrey Principal PRMX Academy
2010 Odamtten, Harry Assistant Professor Santa Clara University
2011 Brackett, LaToya Communications Coordinator City of Promise
2011 Chike, Kefentse Lecturer Wayne State University
2011 Harrison, Rashida Assistant Professor Michigan State University
2011 Nti, Kwaku Assistant Professor Armstrong Atlantic State University
2011 Woodson, Ashley (MA) Assistant Professor University of Pittsburgh
2012 Davis, Daniel Assistant Professor Kennedy King Community College
2012 Laws, Rachel Faculty in English and History Watkinson School
2012 Phillips, Mary Assistant Professor Lehman College
2012 Sistrunk, Walter Visiting Assistant Professor Staten Island College
2013 Munro, Robert Faculty in Humanities and History Middlesex School
2013 Carey, Carleen (MA)    
2014 Quinney, Dominick Visiting Assistant Professor Albion College
2015 Hayes, Sherrae Community Programs Office University of California-Los Angeles
2015 O'Neal, Brittany Adjunct Assistant Professor Lehman College
2015 Patton, Aron (MA)    
2015 Mara, Kathryn (MA)    
2016 Ewing, Kamahra Senior Lecturer Wayne State University
2016 Marshall, Cona Assistant Professor Lebanon Valley College
2016 Newby, Ashley Lecturer Stanford University
2016 Moore, Bernard (MA)    
2017 Eddins, Crystal Assistant Professor University of North Carolina-Charlotte
2017 Martin, Maria Assistant Professor University of California-Merced
2017 Minamoto, Kunihiko    
2017 Nwabara, Olaocha Visiting Assistant Professor College of William and Mary
2017 Proctor, Blair    
2017 Ross, Kimberly