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Dr. Achebe, Nwando Professor of History, Founding Editor JWAH,                                                    Jack and Margaret Sweet Endowed Professor of History achebe@msu.edu
Dr. Dagbovie, Pero Professor of History/ Assoc Dean Grad School dagbovie@msu.edu
Dr. Darden, Joe Professor, Geography jtdarden@msu.edu
Dr. Dodson, Jualynne Professor, Sociology dodsonj2@msu.edu
Dr. June, Lee Professor, Honors College Dean leejune@msu.edu
Dr. Stokes, Curtis Professor, James Madison College cstokes@msu.edu
Dr. Gold, Steven J. Professor, Sociology gold@msu.edu
Dr. Carter-Andrews, Dorinda Associate Professor, Teacher Education dcarter@msu.edu
Dr. Carter, Forrest Associate Professor, Department of Marketing carterf@msu.edu
Dr. Chambers Jr., Glenn Anthony  Director, Associate Professor of History chamb311@msu.edu
Dr. Dotson, Kristie Associate Professor, Philosophy dotsonk@msu.edu
Dr. Keller, Candace M. Associate Professor (RCAH), Art History kellercm@msu.edu
Dr. Troutman, Denise Associate Professor, Linguistics WRAC troutma1@msu.edu
Dr. Venzant Chambers, Terah T. Associate Professor, Educational Administration terah@msu.edu
 Dr. Harris, LaShawn Denise Associate Professor, History  harri859@msu.edu
Dr. Baker-Bell, April Assistant. Professor, Linguistics WRAC and AAAS adbell@msu.edu
Dr. Flennaugh, Terry Assistant Professor, Teacher Education  flennaug@msu.edu
Dr. Figueroa, Yomaira Assistant Professor, English and AAAS  
Dr. Hamilton-Wray, Tama Assistant Professor of Res. College of Arts & Hum. hamil136@msu.edu
Dr. Butler, Tamara Assistant Professor, English and AAAS tbutler@msu.edu
Dr. Warren, Chezare Assistant Professor, Teacher Education chezare@msu.edu
Dr. Biggs, Lisa Assistant Professor, Res. College of Arts &Hum. biggslis@msu.edu
Dr. Mendez, Xhercis Assistant Professor, Philosophy and AAAS mendezxh@msu.edu