Arts Launch: Celebration of the Arts at MSU Set For September 12-18

Arts Launch, a week-long celebration of the vibrant arts scene on Michigan State University’s campus, will take place September 12-18, which coincides with National Arts in Education Week, where educators in communities across the country will join together to tell the story of the transformative impact made by the arts in education.

Dedicated to showing the importance of the arts at MSU, Arts launch events are open to all MSU students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the public to showcase and to introduce the greater MSU community to the many arts-based opportunities that are available on campus and to give alumni and the public the opportunity to engage with students and the arts.

Arts Launch is hosted by MSU’s College of Arts & Letters in partnership with the MSU Broad Museum and MSU Museum.

“Our goal is to connect the arts with students, community, and alumni to showcase the vibrant arts scene at MSU through a variety of free events,” said Rob Roznowski, Professor of Acting and Head of Acting and Directing for the Department of Theatre, who also is a member of the Arts Launch Planning Committee. “We wanted to do this at the start of the year to allow participants to sample the variety of artistic opportunities at MSU.” 

The Kick Off Event will take place Sunday, September 12, from noon to 6 p.m. in MSU’s Summer Circle Courtyard where a variety of events and activities will be held to celebrate the start of Arts Launch.

Throughout the week, Arts Launch will invite the public to express and explore what role the arts have in their own and others’ lives through experiences such as the “Why arts education, at all?” interactive event that will take place on Sunday, September 12, from 1 to 3 p.m. in the Broad Museum Education Wing.

Several hands-on activities are planned throughout the seven-day celebration, including workshops for button making, rock painting, dance, acting, stage combat, scenery painting, poster collage, improv, screen printer totes, circuit building, and voice artists. There also will be a six-hour playwriting challenge where participants will write a play in six hours.

Our goal is to connect the arts with students, community, and alumni to showcase the vibrant arts scene at MSU through a variety of free events.

Rob Roznowski, Professor of Acting and Arts Launch Planning Committee Member

Also scheduled are several performances, exhibits, film screenings, and presentations throughout the week including an improv show, art exhibits, and live band performances.

The Arts Launch celebration will offer the public an opportunity to learn more about the art courses offered at MSU, including the Art and Design: Concepts and Practices (STA 112) class.

One event being held by the MSU Museum will ask for the public’s help in finding out more about a quilt that recently was donated to the museum by a relative of Albert Case, for whom MSU’s Case Hall was named. The museum’s curatorial staff is interested in finding out more about the quilt and is giving the public an opportunity to view the quilt, share their observations, and to help the museum in its research of the quilt.

Not all events will be held in-person. Some are scheduled to take place virtually, including several online presentations and exhibits, such as the Women in the Horror Genre event where you can gain a new perspective by viewing women in horror in a new light through an online visual art display showcasing portraits of historical victims and heroines. This online event will offer a better understanding of the unique storylines and the overall impact women in the horror genre have made on society.

“We’re excited about the different ways people can get involved with Arts Launch and look forward to interacting, creating, and collaborating with the MSU and mid-Michigan communities,” said Stephanie Vasko, Managing Director for the MSU Center for Interdisciplinarity, who also is a member of the Arts Launch Planning Committee. Dr. Vasko will host an online interdisciplinary research talk and interactive soundscape workshop on Tuesday, September 14, as part of the Arts Launch events.

Parking for Arts Launch events is available in Lot 39 or Ramps 1 and 6. Additional information about parking, including maps and pricing, can be found on the MSU Parking Services website.

For more information, including a full schedule, visit the Arts Launch website.