Know & Remember: Join in Community Care with AAAS

We greet you with much care, concern, and compassion. It is our sincerest hope that you all are taking care of yourself. Please take a moment to connect with your breath. Slowly inhale. Deep exhale. We are with full gratitude for each of you.

Healing may be found in community. Please keep connected with people whom you trust, as you tend to your heart and find your way this week. For those who may find peace and comfort in AAAS, you’re welcome to join us for one or  all of the events organized with the intention to hold space for us all in AAAS.  It’s important that we reject all superhero expectations and give ourselves permission to be and experience community. These events are for us, our besties, friends, colleagues, and chosen community.

AAAS gathering titled Lettered in the Languages of the Heart: Know & Remember – A Ritual of Gathering, of Listening, of Arts & Humanities
AAAS gathering titled Pizza, Popcorn, Playlists – A Ritual of Gathering, of Support, of Cypher-ing

For those in need of quiet, peace, reflection, and contemplation, the Wellness Room in AAAS is available.

For those who choose to find community, elsewhere, we thank you for knowing what you need. Please abide by your heart. We will continue to hold you and your loved ones in our meditations.

Reach out if anything is needed, as it is very likely that it is also what someone else may need. It’s okay not to be okay- a comprehensive list of resources can be accessed on the Counseling and Psychiatric Services website. We have a long walk ahead, and you are not alone. Go easy, tend to your tenderness, and feel free to join us as we call the names of those we want to know and remember.  

AAAS gathering titled What We Do Now: Know & Remember – A Ritual of Gathering, of Poetry, of Presence
AAAS gathering titled Brave Birds: Know & Remember – A Ritual of Gathering, of Flight, of Movement